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It is made for fast-loading and easy sealing, and can be used with your present sealing equipment. And our Triangle Sandwich Wedges come with the USDA's MyPlate nutrition guide's logo on each one. Our Triangle Sandwich Wedges provides a simple, reliable, and appetizing way to package your triangle sandwiches in a small area.

Our Triangle Sandwich Wedges are the most popular method to package triangle-cut sandwiches with our customers.


  • School Cafeterias (each wedge has the USDA's MyPlate logo and info on it)
  • Hospital Cafeterias
  • Commissaries
  • Vending Services
  • Vending Machines

Free samples available upon request.

Triangle Sandwich Wedges

Do you sell triangle-cut sandwiches?

Then preserve their freshness, quality, and crisp appearance with the homemade look of our Triangle Sandwich Wedges. Unlike traditional triangle sandwich packaging, our Triangle Sandwich Wedges are heat sealed to form an airtight seal that ensures maximum freshness and to make them tamper resistant. Our recyclable Triangle Sandwich Wedges are easy to use, affordable and made of crush-resistant coated board with clear moisture-proof RECYCLABLE film, (A GREAT WAY TO GO GREEN) that attractively displays the sandwich contents, and preserves product visibility and protection.