1. The sparkling alternative to cling film, bags, etc.
  2. Less expensive than cellophane sheets
  3. Will seal faster than cellophane - Labor Saving
  4. Can be used on an existing hot plate
  5. To seal use a quick rolling action on the hot plate - User Friendly
  6. Excellent moisture barrier
  7. FDA approved for contact with food
  8. No hazardous plasticizers as contained in cling film
  9. Can be frozen at any temperature
  10. Microwavable
  11. Remains wrinkle free because it does not absorb moisture or dry out
  12. Eliminates waste
  13. Stock Sizes: 10”x10”, 12”x12”, 14”x14”, 16”x16” – Custom sizes available​

Crystal Wrap Sheets

The Perfect Material for Wrapping Buns, Subs, Hot dogs, Cookies and Pizza...

Free samples available upon request.

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