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Cellophane Packaging

Shore Distribution Resources, Inc. cellophane packaging is a flexible transparent, heat-sealable film used for packaging food and other products.

The film is made from a special high-grade wood pulp and is BIODEGRADABLE

Free samples available upon request.

Here is why cellophane is a superior alternative to cling film and bags:

  1. Provides excellent clarity, brightness, and freshly made appearance.
  2. Cellophane keeps out moisture, aromas, and gas. While preserving and extending freshness and shelf-life, for “Package Appeal.” Sandwiches look as if they were just prepared.
  3. Stiffness of cellophane enable packages to hold their shape for a great display
  4. Microwavable
  5. No hazardous plasticizers as contained in cling film
  6. Eliminates waste
  7. Easy to use…Hand wrap, heat seal, or twist close.
  8. Tamper-resistant when heat sealed
  9. NO STATIC CLING!!! Makes for fast and smooth wrapping.
  10. FDA approved for food contact
  11. Available in sheets, rolls, and bags.  In any gauge thickness, length, and width.
  12. 100% Biodegradable
  13. Print your company, school logo, and ingredients directly on the cellophane.
  14. Used for packaging and bagging sandwiches, heroes, burgers, paninis, rolls, subs, bagels, candy, buns, muffins, fudge, cookies, gift baskets, biscuits, chocolate wrapping and bagging
  15. Popular with bakeries, convenience stores, delis, mobile caterers, hospitals, cafeterias, Grab 'n Go, candy and fudge manufacturers