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What We Offer 

Shore Distribution Resources, Inc. provides a broad range of packaging solutions manufactured to the highest quality for use by Public School Districts, Private Schools, Universities, Vending Companies, Snack Bars, Commissaries, Bakeries, Hospitals, Mobile Catering Companies, Candy Companies, Military Food Service Operations, Cafeterias, Delis, Convenience Stores, Cafeterias, Prisons (Federal & State Agencies), Restaurants and Supermarkets.

We offer both biodegradable (green packaging) and “Enviro-Friendly” packaging materials. Whether it is recyclable polypropylene or biodegradable cellophane, we will help your company meet your environmental standards. Count on us for savings and service on a vast array of packaging films and solutions to achieve your packaging requirements.

Our expertise and industry partners can help you find innovative solutions to meet your packaging requirements. 

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Biodegradable and Recyclable

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Shore Distribution Resources, Inc. distributes packaging films, containers and equipment to the Food Service and Industrial community. From our office based in New Jersey, Shore Distribution Resources provides a broad range of packaging solutions manufactured to the highest quality​.